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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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Susan Cannizzo

August 12, 2020

I think Integrity Martial Arts is great It s exactly what she needs .. Read More

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Laurie Ann Duchesne Mother of Kyle Semple Duchesne

August 11, 2020

My son Kyle is a wonderful 10 year old boy who suffers from an illness called Bi-Polar disorder He was diagnosed with this illness since he was 5 years old Since then he has been in and out of hospitals and treatment programs He has consistently had a very difficult time in school and any activity that required him to focus This summer I made a lot of changes to his life as he knew it I hav.. Read More

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Michele Thompson Enfield CT Mother of 6 Year Old Twins

August 10, 2020

I have twin girls who are 6 years old Recently we worked on a project for their blue belt advancement called Generosity When asked what my children were grateful for they spoke of toys and candy This prompted a discussion about things they should be grateful for like shelter and food I explained how there were families in our community who didn t have as much as we have and some who find it .. Read More

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Robert Tozian Father of Trenton Tozian Age 5

August 09, 2020

We like it that IMA teaches the kids respect in the outside community to respect their parents teachers and elders .. Read More

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Kimberly Smith LCSW

August 08, 2020

He clearly loves it I definitely see a future high school employee brewing in him he went so far as to say in the car the other day after getting his 5th degree Mom I am living my dream I really feel like I'm different now that I have my 5th degree I have to be even more of a role model And to do the Leadership team and to teach the little kids that is soooo cool I couldn't believe he said l.. Read More

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Mother of Emily age 5

August 07, 2020

Everyone at Integrity has been so supportive of Emily and she has really progressed over the last couple of years I really feel strongly about Karate as being a very positive part of a child's education both in school and at home .. Read More

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Daniel Corbin Father of Elijah Cornin

August 06, 2020

Elijah is having excellent progress in control and discipline at IMA Home exercises .. Read More

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Ricky Lees

August 05, 2020

Having been a part of Integrity Martial Arts' family for quite a few years I look back on my decision to take classes as an excellent one I feel very confident in my self defense abilities but I have also gained confidence and leadership abilities As a teenager I am able to make good decisions and I have a strong group of friends I have gained much more than self defense skills and I encoura.. Read More

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Richard Devin Father of Tyler Devin

August 04, 2020

From participating here at IMA Tyler has better self control and confidence and his manners and respect has improved .. Read More

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Virginia Watkins Grand Mother of Rashelle McNearny

August 03, 2020

Virginia and Rashelle are pleased that they are treated so nice here at IMA Virginia is happy with her continued learning progress for something of which she had no previous exposure or talent for For Rashelle it is a way to express her self appropriately and an on-going chance to behave respectfully .. Read More

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Jay Tweeddale Father of Jack Tweeddale

August 02, 2020

Jack is very respectful of others and his self control at home has been great .. Read More

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Rod Staggs Father of Thomas Amanda Staggs

August 01, 2020

For everyone the staff is great we ve met a new group of friends she likes to be involved with everything IMA has to offer Amanda is lacking in motivation with practice and getting to class .. Read More

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Dorothy Leach Enfield

July 31, 2020

I started Bobby Diana here at IMA to increase self confidence and to maintain physical health and strength but what I also found was how the lessons in class have carried over into other areas school friends etc Sensei Jonathan speaks to them in ways they can easily understand and keeps the class fun All the children are comfortable talking with him I would recommend this program for any hom.. Read More

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Georgina Steiger Enfield

July 30, 2020

I was worried that the martial arts would teach my children to be aggressive but what I found was it is about self control and they learn techniques that will last them a life time Right away I was so impressed by the way that Jonathan worked with them He talks to them explaining each move and relates to them so well I think any home school child could benefit from this program because it i.. Read More

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Scott Coen Father of Casey Coen

July 29, 2020

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how fortunate we feel to be a part of your community It s been almost 6 years now and when we took time we could have gotten involved with virtually anyone it s just great it was INTEGRITY For our family the reasons are obvious I m sure through lots of hard work and dedication you have established a perfect balance between karate the physical aspec.. Read More

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Donica Lisa Burns-Johnson Mother of Chelsey Johnson

July 28, 2020

To all my friends at IMA I love walking through the doors after a long day knowing the Chelsey will be happy and content It is a wonderful feeling to know that she is genuinely loved by everyone and that she loves everyone just as much I am never worried or concerned when she is in IMA s care I know that not only is she loved but she is taught right from wrong she is encouraged and at times.. Read More

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Kim Lord

July 27, 2020

IMA has been an important part of our family life We have all benefitted in some way Erin is much more confident and Don and I are in much better physical shape We have made life-long friends here for which we are grateful .. Read More

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Kim Smith

July 26, 2020

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for all your hard work In particular I am grateful for IMA because everything taught reinforces a value structure that is invaluable when trying to bring out the best in a child The behaviors and values highlighted in your teachings truly enhance a child s opportunity for success in all that they set out to do .. Read More

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Mimi Hiser Mother of Christopher Billy

July 25, 2020

Two of our three sons participate in classes at IMA Billy our oldest started a year ago because he was choked by a child at school Jonathan had an anti-bullying course that Billy attended Billy asked to start taking regular classes after that introduction After just one year Billy has advanced to a brown belt His self-confidence has improved greatly over the year He takes pride in his karat.. Read More

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David Gallant

July 24, 2020

Since my son has joined Integrity Martial Arts I have seen a significant difference in his overall understanding of the importance of being healthy and fit I also see that he has a desire towards something other than video games He has definitely set goals for himself in karate as well My son also seems more confident these days .. Read More

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