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Laurie Ann Duchesne Mother of Kyle Semple Duchesne

August 11, 2020

My son Kyle is a wonderful 10 year old boy who suffers from an illness called Bi-Polar disorder He was diagnosed with this illness since he was 5 years old Since then he has been in and out of hospitals and treatment programs He has consistently had a very difficult time in school and any activity that required him to focus This summer I made a lot of changes to his life as he knew it I have also become a huge advocate for his illness Through research and guidance from his doctors we lowered the amount of medication he was taking and introduced Kyle to new programs that seemed to help him However Kyle still seemed to feel out of place and had trouble fitting in socially Kyle brought home a brochure for karate classes I was very hesitant at first I surfed the internet and looked at several local martial arts schools to make an informed decision Integrity Martial Arts stood out among all I had seen I called and enrolled Kyle and it has been the best decision I have made for him in a long time I am extremely impressed with the staff and how they interact with the students and give the students a great sense of pride and accomplishment I am equally impressed with how the students respect the staff and want to please them Kyle has been in the class for 2 months and his self esteem has risen like never before He is overcoming challenges that he would previously had difficulty with and give up on He also takes on more responsibility at home without being told This is the most focused I have ever seen Kyle At report card conference time I was really nervous about Kyle s progress given his situation I was extremely pleased and surprised when I found out Kyle normally a C D student was getting B s across the board The changes I had made in Kyle s life were working but the discipline and self esteem he gained from Integrity Martial Arts really made the difference Kyle is focused know on his martial arts school work and being a great little boy Kyle seems very goal driven now and keeps trying to achieve when in the past he would have struggled and may have given up This is most evident when he is wearing his IMA uniform I have never seen him so proud Thank you IMA

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