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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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May 18, 2019

When Dylan was in the small samurai class Sensei Chris also instructed the classes as well I have read Chris's story and can say it truly is impressive His creativity in the classroom is incredible as he is able to keep the attention of not only the children but the parents as well He has a way to make learning fun and as I have watched him demonstrate different sets I have stood in awe to s.. Read More

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May 17, 2019

Most classes have been instructed by sensei Janice Her genuine concern and care in the class room is a blessing and at times her extra attention when and where needed is not only appreciated but makes the difference between a child learning or just simply being confused She seems to know when my son is struggling and will take the time to be sure he understands how the moves are performed an.. Read More

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Richard Wilcox

May 16, 2019

Hi sensei Jonathan this is Richard Dylan Wilcox's father Dylan is 6 years old and in power play class I just wanted to send you a message to let you know how pleased I am with your program Dylan started in your small samurai class and has recently moved to power play .. Read More

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Gabrielle Roberts

May 15, 2019

Melinda has been working with her teacher at school to teach fellow students about animals and also has been teaching them the karate principles she has been learning and showing them airsets She took initiative to create a chart and a lesson plan to make sure that each student interested had equal opportunity to participate during indoor recess days .. Read More

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Allen Zhou

May 14, 2019

Felix used to need grandpa s company to be able to fall into sleep Now Felix overcame the fear of darkness and can go to bed alone Very proud of his independence .. Read More

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John Colwick

May 13, 2019

Along with the skills taught in martial arts IMA encourages a higher level of character and responsibility fromthe students With great personal power comes great responsibility Taking karate at IMA has the uniquequality of affecting all aspects of your life the lessons learned do not end when you walk out the door .. Read More

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Alan Burn age 17

May 12, 2019

I have wanted my black belt for a long time and I know it The fact that I have come and done it and proven that my weight didn t hold me back empowered me to make myself better I have become a person that is not afraid of challenge I have pushed past my injury and I have done it with the help of my friends my family I don t just mean my blood relatives I mean my karate family the ones who I .. Read More

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May 11, 2019

And in the end I see me Putting the experience I ve developed over countless years and the black belt that I still work to master to use teaching and developing those who will shake the world Simply put do you remember in school when you knew the answer but did not want to raise your hand out of fear Black belt allows you the freedom to raise your hand belt out the answer and hold your head .. Read More

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May 10, 2019

As a Black Belt one of the greatest things I get to do is to watch the progress of students as they work to achieve the same goals I have been in awe of those who work through countless difficulties to achieve greatness I have seen confidence focus and a respect for the human condition that I see very little of in adults outside our community Instead of worrying about our future I see eight .. Read More

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Sensei Don Lord

May 09, 2019

Having had the privilege of attaining my first level of Black Belt almost 8 years ago I have had considerable time to reflect on the positives of what this designation means And in this analysis I have found that it s so much than what anyone can assume prior to reaching this difficult pinnacle For this achievement is more than the belt more than the name this achievement is a testament to t.. Read More

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Jonathan Sylvia Strouch

May 08, 2019

Landon has been working hard on listening and focusing on tasks he s given He s come a very long way and we believe he should be recognized for this .. Read More

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Deana Bourbeau

May 07, 2019

We both REALLY appreciate everything you all have done for us and for trying to work with us on everything also how wonderful you all are with Steven and Anthony I believe it s an amazing program but what really makes it a special place is all of you you are sincerely caring and wonderful people Again thank you for your concern and everything you have done for us Sincerely .. Read More

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Aidan Case – 13 years old

May 06, 2019

As a Black Belt I have been through challenges that most people will not face in their lifetimes much less by the age of 12 but Black Belt is about doing extraordinary things and making the most of them You explore your mind and body learning that your limit may be twice as high as you thought Being a Black Belt is about learning You learn how to get better how to pick yourself up when you f.. Read More

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Kate Mollison

May 05, 2019

Matthew is the first and only student at Spaulding elementary school ato earn a Spauding Star in all 5 categories He earned these by using kind and respectful behaviors toward his peers and teachers We are so proud .. Read More

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Beth Apgar

May 04, 2019

I observed Beth showing great empathy and support to a fellow student who was upset She showed great listening skills and helped the student to think of ways to overcome his frustration so that he was able to return to participating in class .. Read More

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Chris Morello

May 03, 2019

Chase s attitude towards responsibility has greatly improved He recently was benchmarked by his teacher and he greatly improved He has also been helping around the house with chores more often and without being asked He also has been a very supportive friend and mentor to his younger sister She really looks up to him and is happy he is spending time with her His maturity and self confidence .. Read More

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Debra Baker

May 02, 2019

Amazing place amazing people The time each person puts into enriching each child's life is amazing They have helped our son so much We are so glad we came to integrity .. Read More

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Diane Cooke

May 01, 2019

Alexandros parents attended a week long conference at Disney World in Orlando Alexandros went as well His godparents met us there to spend time with alexandros while his parents were busy Alexandros exhibited consistent positive behaviors visiting with adults he came in contact with Good eye contact shaking hands and verbal conversation He was not able to go into the Disney parks with the e.. Read More

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Tracy MacLachlan

April 30, 2019

After winning the competition last weekend Gabe wanted to give his medal to the young man who got stage fright in the championship round because he had done well in the first round and Gabe felt bad that the boy got scared One of the most amazing qualities Gabe has is to accept people when and where they are with empathy and compassion .. Read More

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Vicki Evans

April 29, 2019

Colby recently found herself home alone for the first time unexpectedly She arrived home from school and the babysitter was late Colby remained calm remembered how to get in the house and immediately phoned me to let me know she was home alone I was very proud of her She did all the right things showing good self control in the situation .. Read More

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