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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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Rebecca Soucy

October 04, 2018

This Saturday both kids woke up early and went to old Newgate Prison with me because I was helping there They really wanted to go to the carnival that was in town but when we got there they helped set up for the show After taking the tours and helping the guides they ended up giving tours to the other visitors by the end of the day .. Read More

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Allen Zhou

October 03, 2018

Felix helped a lot during crabbing trips this summer He helped carry supplies and monitor traps Felix didn t complain or whine even though he was under direct sun for a few hours and he had to talk long distances He observed and learned from other fishermen and was able to catch snappers and bunkers as well Felix learned to work hard and stay focused Once pinched by a blue crab Felix learned.. Read More

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Caleb Degray

October 02, 2018

Caleb helped me at work by putting clean linens on my table without me asking He also set up the table for diner while visiting family .. Read More

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Jayme Barrett

October 01, 2018

For the past month Alex has put great effort into school and homework even getting himself up extra early to finish homework before school He hasn t had any grades below a B And for the past 2 weeks he has also done an impressive job controlling his temper Instead of daily outbursts and behavior issues like we ve had much of the past several months he has only had a few tough times And quick.. Read More

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Misty Halmers

September 30, 2018

Matthew was recently chosen to participate in the new Student Buddy Program at his school He was nominated by his teacher because he has demonstrated characteristics of an effective peer mentor including leadership responsibility and a willingness to help others So proud of the leadership skills he is developing and displaying .. Read More

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Sara Runkle

September 29, 2018

Sensei Max took the time to read books to Julian during off time while in the homework room We appreciate the kindness he showed as well displaying a commitment to life long learning Sensei Max is a great role model .. Read More

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Noah Grieco

September 28, 2018

We took Noah and friends to a flashlight corn maze Since it was dark we were hoping to go through the maze as a group But in their excitement the kids ran ahead of the adults Noah realized we got separated and couldn t find us He asked an adult to borrow their cell phone so he could call us to let us know where they were so we could catch up We want to recognize his wanting to responsible an.. Read More

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Erin Baumgart

September 27, 2018

Integrity Martial Arts is so much more than just learning karate You know that saying It takes a village to raise a child Integrity Martial Arts is the best village you could ask for When everyone is focused on character building it creates a very supportive atmosphere for kids and parents We went on a trial basis 2 summers ago and when it came time to decide whether to stay at Integrity or .. Read More

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Sarah Pulford Readout

September 26, 2018

After visiting numerous places in town and out of town we chose Integrity Martial Arts without any others even coming in a close second It wasn't just about the martial arts for us It was the community the diversity and the majority of it being the Character Development program they use It's not just the typical martial arts respect and such it goes way beyond that to the best character prog.. Read More

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Annemarie Bartlett-Rattell

September 25, 2018

Our kids started out at Integrity Martial Arts and then my husband and I started taking classes too It's an amazing environment with a true family feel The Senseis are amazingly skilled and love your kids like their own Character building is a huge component of their curriculum and recent change to RMA It was the best decision we've ever made for our family It's helped our children build the.. Read More

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Ed Rattell

September 24, 2018

Integrity Martial Arts is our second home Family atmosphere and a warm caring environment that encourages children to learn at their own pace yet still manages to push them in a positive manner The best part is the focus on character development .. Read More

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Jillian Spaulding

September 23, 2018

Within 4 months of enrolling my sons ages 8 and 5 at the time at Integrity Martial Arts I had both their school teachers pull me aside separately and rave about their improvements both academically but also and more importantly in their confidence levels and self control I love not only the lessons my boys learn but the unexpected tribe I ve also gained in the process and believe me as a sel.. Read More

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Gabrielle Batz Roberts

September 22, 2018

Integrity Martial Arts is our karate studio of choice The staff and other students are more like family - a tribe My 10-yr old daughter started 3 years ago and I just started adult classes myself in March of this year They have a development leadership program that helps to shape tomorrow s leaders The families support each other and the children develop strong bonds and friendships.. Read More

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Ashley Huard

September 21, 2018

We've been at Integrity Martial Arts for almost 2 years and I can't tell you how much my now 8 year old has grown They learn so much more than just kicks and punches as there is an emphasis on Respect Discipline and Self Control We have made so many friends that we now consider family here The instructors are AMAZING I even started taking classes here because of how much I saw my son getting.. Read More

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Joseph Grieco

September 20, 2018

Great experience at Integrity Martial Arts My son loves it Great program with focus on respect discipline self control safety leadership and communication Lots of fun events for students and families .. Read More

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Gavin Spaulding

September 19, 2018

Gavin s teacher told me that Gavin had taken it upon himself to move into harder reading and spelling groups because he wanted more of a challenge He did this completely on his own and is thriving in the new groups Proud of him for taking the initiative to push himself .. Read More

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Noora Khaled

September 18, 2018

Noora s mom was away for a couple of days During that time Noora showed a lot of responsibility She took care of her younger brothers by preparing snacks and smoothies She also came up with a list of activities to keep everyone entertained and helped her dad with them She made mom s first time away much easier for her dad .. Read More

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Abdullah Khaled

September 17, 2018

Abdullah s dad went away for four nights Abdullah s younger brother was sad and scared to sleep by himself Abdullah did not want his brother to be upset so he camped out in his room with him and told him very elaborate and long stories that he made up until his brother fell asleep We are very proud of Abdullah for showing such compassion and responsibility towards his brother and helping his.. Read More

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Ashton Jefferson

September 16, 2018

Ashton was having extreme behavior difficulties in the beginning of the school year For over a month he has worked extremely hard to turn those behaviors around He has done so well that he has been recognized as a positive role model in class.. Read More

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Alyzabeth Halmers

September 15, 2018

Alyzabeth has been working very hard on being respectful and helpful at home She has made fantastic progress Instead of complaining when asked to do something to help she does it first time we ask Often we don t have to ask anymore She sees something that needs to be done and does it Her father and I want to make sure she knows that we see this change and are proud of her efforts .. Read More

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