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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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Anita Vetro

July 15, 2020

Integrity Martial Arts has meant to us as a family a great place to learn how to be the best possible person you can be Integrity Martial Arts teaches confidence and discipline at the same time They make the classes fun so the kids enjoying coming to class I would recommend Integrity Martial Arts to anyone who is interested in signing their child up for karate lessons The staff at Integrity.. Read More

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Jennifer P Metsch Mother of Sarah and Elizabeth

July 14, 2020

Integrity Martial Arts is a positive ally in conveying and putting into action the values of self-discipline and respect with my daughter .. Read More

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Howard Kalodner Professor of History

July 13, 2020

Harry began karate when Jonathon Buck and Mike were United Studio and continues this day as a student at IMA He has learned both behavioral and physical discipline and desire to get his movements exactly right I have watched him grow-both physically and in maturity over these years Training for shodan black belt was demanding and he responded to that challenge In the shodan test he had to w.. Read More

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Shayla Mae Bailey

July 12, 2020

My son Nicholas began taking classes at IMA when he was four He was awkward uncoordinated and was having trouble focusing in school Having started kindergarten and having a new step-dad was a lot of change for Nick and we were looking for something that would help him with self control and sportsmanship IMA did all these things and more By being involved in the program both Nick and his ste.. Read More

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Michelle Thompson Mother of Twin Girls Kylie and Heather

July 11, 2020

My children have only been attending Integrity Martial Arts for less than a year and we have seen a great improvement in their listening skills and learning to show respect I look forward to seeing them continue to learn and improve every week Thank you for being so dedicated to teaching my children not only the fundamentals of Martial arts but also the skills that will help them in all aspe.. Read More

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Jennifer Porcello

July 10, 2020

IMA has helped my son Cole find his voice and use his energy in a constructive way Weekly classes have helped him to become a better listener and understand the concept of respect Every Saturday he looks forward to class His teachers are great I wouldn t have my 4 year old go anywhere else to learn Martial arts .. Read More

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Nicoleta Nugrut Mother of Michael Nugrut

July 09, 2020

When my child is at home he now shows respect by opening the entrance door for other people to enter the building Michael is helping his grandmother with groceries When friends are over they first play games that the friends want to play When he first started at Integrity Martial arts I didn t think he could reach the black belt level But now that he is very close to getting the black belt .. Read More

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Mary Litrenta Enfield

July 08, 2020

Right away I was so impressed by the way Jonathan worked with the children He spoke in a way that they could relate He takes serious subjects and while keeping to the seriousness of the subject he also adds humor When I looked into the dojo and saw how happy my children were it was all worth it My kids are loving this Even my very reluctant husband is impressed with Jonathan and IMA Abigail .. Read More

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Cathy Carroll

July 07, 2020

My son has loved his 1st karate experience here He has gained self confidence with every belt advancement and is proud to let relatives in on his accomplishments .. Read More

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Betty Berte Grandma of Peter John Berte

July 06, 2020

Karate for Peter has been great It s helping him learn discipline focus and his interactivity with the other children as well as his coordination .. Read More

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The Poltc Family

July 05, 2020

IMA is a great place to allow our son and family to get experience into the martial arts Our son loves the classes and talks about it all the time This beginning positive experience for him will hopefully spark a lifetime commitment to the arts .. Read More

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Caitlin Daley Age 15

July 04, 2020

I have been taking karate for almost 5 years It has been the best 5 years of my life Though thick and thin people are there for me I have met so many great people and have improved so much You are a second family to me no you ARE my family You have obviously done something amazing if I m on the Demo Team Leadership Academy and am training for my black belt I can t thank you enough You are m.. Read More

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Becky Semancik

July 03, 2020

I have seen a huge difference in my son s behavior since attending Integrity He is a lot more respectful to adults or anyone that may approach him I am very happy with Integrity Martial Arts and will continue to enroll my son at this school .. Read More

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Katie Lee

July 02, 2020

I started Audrey and Jason Lee in martial arts because I thought my children would benefit by learning more control over their behaviors as well as their bodies and coordination but what I also found was they wanted to do well with all they were learning They wanted to practice and get it right Not for me but for themselves I was worried that the martial arts would teach my children to be a.. Read More

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Seyome-Emily Fleming Mother of Emily

July 01, 2020

My daughter Emily was not a really good listener and use to sit and kick me but since taking classes she has gotten much better and has a way to channel her energy Now she only kicks in class .. Read More

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Nina Metz Mother of Zachary

June 30, 2020

We have been coming to Integrity for 3 years now Zachary is glad that he s learned self defense The senseis are nice and the games are really fun We ve both valued the dedication and hard work of everyone associated with Integrity Martial Arts Coming here each week has become an enjoyable high-point of each week for both of us Thank you and happy birthday IMA .. Read More

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Mimi and Bill Hiser Parents of Billy Hiser

June 29, 2020

One area Integrity Martial Arts could help my child improve in is listening to the sensei teacher staff or parent and concentrate on the task at hand not daydreaming or doing something else When I first started Integrity Martial Arts I didn t think he could have the stamina and strength to participate in a 1 hour class twice a week but now for the most part he enjoys karate and once in class.. Read More

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Laurell Welliver M Ed

June 28, 2020

As a teacher in the public schools I was looking for an after school care for my children I wanted a program that would be constructive and purposeful for them Somewhere that they would be learning confidence and safety After much investigation I choose to send them to Integrity Martial Arts I would like to tell you about someone who has helped not only my children but the youth of our comm.. Read More

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Bridget Mother of Vincent Criscio

June 27, 2020

My son Vincent got started with IMA through a program by Park Rec In the last 2 months we have really noticed that Vince is progressing in a lot of ways He is really starting to gain self control and respect This program is such a positive for Vincent and his hard work and all of our devotion is really starting to pay off We are looking forward to continuing to see results as positive as th.. Read More

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Colleen M Dudley Mother of Bailee A Crisinati

June 26, 2020

When we first started at Integrity Martial Arts I didn t think my child could stay committed to karate but now I watch Bailee commit to karate and wanting to further herself with I MAX The thing IMA has helped my child the most with is helping her achieve her goals .. Read More

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