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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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Noreen Earle Mother of Emily Earle

December 26, 2019

Emily took it upon herself to get in front of the class and teach her class the 5 Little Pumpkin Halloween Poem Emily showed leadership and confidence .. Read More

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Laura Gould Fantato Mother of Melissa Fantato

December 25, 2019

Melissa got a great progress report from school with excellent behavior comment and progress .. Read More

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Jennifer Cosgrove Mother

December 24, 2019

Will Cosgrove volunteered to take-out the garbage and recycling today I explained that it was a big job because we had a couple of weeks worth of bins after missing a previous collection I even suggested that he might be better off playing instead but he insisted that he wanted to help empty sort and curb everything Even after the whole job took about 30 minutes he said he d like to help eve.. Read More

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Patti Flannery Mother of Daniel Flannery

December 23, 2019

Dan has shown great self control at home When he is asked to stop running or jumping around he has been listening the first time .. Read More

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James Fleming Father of Emily Fleming

December 22, 2019

Emily has helped me rake leaves She is a very responsible kid and always helps me with the yard work .. Read More

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Linda Gary Mother of Rachel Gary

December 21, 2019

Rachel Gary is very deserving of a Gold Star Nomination My husband and I decided to hold Rachel back last month from belt advancement due to lack of self-control Although she was disappointed Rachel understood we would be doing no favors just allowing her to test without living the 3 Rules To date Rachel has done chores around the house without being asked hounded more considerate shown resp.. Read More

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Aimee Gauvin Mother of Edward Gauvin

December 20, 2019

Edward noticed his Mother struggling with bags and without asking he came and took the bags from her Eddie spent a part of his Sunday helping do chores around the house He watered plants took out the trash and the recycle and he also picked-up the living room and did his laundry without complaining once .. Read More

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Tina Gillman Mother of Gabriel Gillman

December 19, 2019

Gabriel helped Mom clean the basement for four hours He also helped with the babies at daycare .. Read More

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Shila Kanakamedala Mother of Sanhit and Suchit

December 18, 2019

Sanhit and Suchit donated Halloween candies to Operation Gratitude They also helped friends in class clean up and are very good helpers at home .. Read More

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Dorothy Leach Mother of Diana Leach

December 17, 2019

Diana decided to cut her hair but only if she had enough to donate to Locks For Love They collect real hair to make wigs for people who lose their hair due to cancer treatments She was able to donate 12 .. Read More

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Michelle Lippe Mother of Cailyn Lippe

December 16, 2019

Cailyn has been doing a great job taking responsibility for picking up her toys when she is done with them She has started doing this without being asked and even stopped a movie she was watching so she could clean up She has also been doing an excellent job with her school work .. Read More

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Dawn Metcalf Mother of Sarah Metcalf

December 15, 2019

Sarah showed extraordinary respect and empathy for her teachers by naming them on her community chain unasked for showing how there are people who contribute to her well-being She listed her 1st grade kindergarden reading and summer teachers .. Read More

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Jennifer P Metsch Mother of Elizabeth and Sarah Metsch

December 14, 2019

September is a busy month in our family calendar Elizabeth really stepped up to be a big help during several weekends of activities for the month When we parents were away for our 20th Anniversary weekend Elizabeth was a huge help to her sister who had trouble falling asleep and was really missing us Over the Jewish Holidays and during a visit to a cousin s new apartment in NYC Sarah was rea.. Read More

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Rhonda Adam Peck Mother Father of Joshua Peck

December 13, 2019

Katherine has helped me for the past year serving and preparing food for Loaves Fishes soup kitchen I do this every other month and Katherine always volunteers to help I ve never told her that she had to do it every time but she makes sure that she s there It s wonderful to see her service Joshua helped his Dad plant Spring bulbs He worked very hard and did a great job .. Read More

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Joy D Quinn-Maverdakis

December 12, 2019

Michael has consistently been doing his homework without any reminders to do so This is an improvement because before he needed reminders to begin on time .. Read More

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Kristy Ron Reid Mother and Father of Justin Reid

December 11, 2019

Justin worked very hard this year in school and his perservance paid off when we met with his teacher recently She told us his behavior in class has been excellent and she see s him working to control himself Justin received four A s and two B s on his report card as well so it is clear he is working on his studies His Father and I are so proud of Justin and his progress both in school an at.. Read More

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Joan Evaniski Mother of Bailey Roberto

December 10, 2019

Bailey helps me to organize her Sisters and things to be remembered so that we can complete our busy weekly schedule .. Read More

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Jeff Sievering Father of Elizabeth Sievering

December 09, 2019

Beth s 86 year old Grandmother is visiting from Maryland She recently had hip surgery and is severely limited with her mobility Beth has taken the initiative to care for and assist her Grandmother anyway she needs it Beth has done this selflessly and without thought of compensation She gave up her weekend playing with friends to help her Gramma .. Read More

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Jeff Sievering Father of Rachel Sievering

December 08, 2019

Rachel has notoriously fought with her Sister Beth Anything Beth would say Rachel would say it is the opposite just to push Beth s buttons Rachel would refuse and even resent any help Beth would offer Rachel s attitude has recently changed There is significantly less arguing Rachel now appreciates and thanks her Sister for her offers to help Rachel has even offered to help Beth with things a.. Read More

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Shannon Smith Mother of Zachary T SmithShannon Smith

December 07, 2019

Everyday after school Zachary sits down and takes out his homework without being told .. Read More

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