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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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Toby Molina

October 08, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts has helped my son Armando tremendously in regards to his self-esteem and self-confidence It definitely helped him come out of his shell and it instilled in him the difference between right and wrong Martial Arts is a way for him to express himself without worrying about being judged In this age of video games and computers it is good for Armando to have something else .. Read More

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Elizabeth Lucas Mom

October 07, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts has really been a wonderful life changing experience for my son Zachary Anderson He really has grown over the past two almost three years I see it in his everyday life school and at home His grades have improved his attitude and his over all personality I am so greatful to all those at Integrity for being such an impacting port of Zachary s life .. Read More

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Nicole Lorenze Mother

October 06, 2019

Before Tony Lorenzo started with Integrity Martial Arts he was shy and had no confidence After a year and a half he is no longer shy he will walk up to anyone and talk to them before this he was permentally attached to me leg everywhere we went He still has some confident issues but is light years away from where he was .. Read More

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Michael Doreen Rogers Parents

October 05, 2019

We ve really enjoyed the IMAX learnings of the 7 Habits and it s applicability to every day life We appreciate the teaching of 100 focus and 100 effort and to always try to do your best along with the Integrity Three Rules As an IMAX member we appreciate the free classes that are offered to Ryan Ryan never says I don t want to go to Karate In Ryan s eyes co-teaching with Sensei Don is the hi.. Read More

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Austen Juhasz

October 04, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts mean a lot to me Over the years I have learned a lot at IMA I have learned karate discipline and much more The big think I gained from IMA is my friends I have many of them here A couple of them are like family What I am trying to say is I have learned to trust the people around me This is a huge thing and I have Integrity Martial Arts to thank for that .. Read More

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James Cox

October 03, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts has given my son Marc more self-confidence in all aspects of his life It has given him the opportunity to rely more on himself in problem solving of all types This confidence makes me proud as Marc continues to grow and mature in ways that IMA and his Sensei s have Influenced him .. Read More

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Beth Cranna Mother of Rachel Sarah

October 02, 2019

We have been coming here to Integrity for over six years it is like a second home and we have so many good friends that we have made here over the years The classes have been great for our confidence conditioning self-defense discipline and fun The belt program is very motivating and rewarding as the students progress and can see how far they have come We are very glad that Integrity is here.. Read More

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Rebekah Gebo Mother of Hunter Riley Sangiovanni

October 01, 2019

Having met Jonathan Janice and Chris has been amazing for my two sons as well as for me Although it has been only a couple of months my sons have changed quite a bit One of them has shown dramatic skill in Karate and gaining more self-esteem While we are here for sessions it is wonderful to have the family circle uniting everyone involved with the children s lives Thanks for your love and de.. Read More

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Dan Merlino Father of Anna Merlino

September 30, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts is a safe place where I can bring my daughter to do something that she loves to do It s a place where she has friends with similar interests who accept and encourage characteristics in her that many outside of IMA are not even aware of The Sensei s here care personally about Ana but not just about her Martial Arts skills The care more about the type of person she is be.. Read More

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Darren Burn Father Of Alan Burn

September 29, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts has had a major influence on Alan He has more discipline more self-control and more confidence He has also learned a sense of responsibility of dedicating himself and making a commitment and following through Doing karate has also improved his physical conditioning Since joining IMAX these qualities have improved even more In addition I have seen him mature faster than.. Read More

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Debra Michael Swicklas Parents of Justin Andrew Swicklas

September 28, 2019

IMA has played a huge part in our lives for seven years now The Staff at IMA has helped us reinforce all the values we feel are important to becoming the best you can be IMA has been like a second family to us and our children We have watched our children grow in many aspects of their life and look forward to the changes yet to come IMA has helped us help our children develop the qualities t.. Read More

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Amy Pereira Mother of Jamie Pereira

September 27, 2019

IMA is a safe place for my daughter to go and learn some really great skills She enjoys coming each week even when she s tired or in a bad mood It makes her feel a sense of accomplishment every time she earns a new belt She has really gained independence this year .. Read More

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Rachel Dzialo

September 26, 2019

When I think of Integrity Martial Arts a few words come to mind fun friendly community self-defense but I think the most important is family I ve grown so close to everyone here at IMA and couldn t imagine my life without them The Sensei s and students have become part of my family and I thank everyone at IMA for helping me become who I am today I love you guys so much and congrates on reach.. Read More

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Jonathan Cook Husband of Holly Thoelen Cook

September 25, 2019

I frequently see myself as the adopted one in the Integrity Family since I trained for my Black Belt under Hollyand Jon and was tested for Shodon down in NY by Sensei Jon without being a technical student at the dojo itself I didn t have much in the way of family support when it came to my training and was a bit on the quirky side when I began training having lots of character issues to work.. Read More

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Michael Lewis Father of Trever Lewis

September 24, 2019

My son Trever loves his lessons at IMA and the friends he has made here To us IMA has the perfect blend of what Martial Arts means Integrity Discipline Respect and control Trever is gaining in confidence and having fun What could be better than that Add learning new and truly useful skills forming good habits now that will serve him well all of his life We are pleased to see that IMA s Progr.. Read More

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Katherine Elizabeth Morton

September 23, 2019

To me IMA is more than a karate studio It s not my second home it is my home I started lessons when I was five years old before we were IMA I ve grown up here It s a place that s always welcomed and accepted me for who I am no matter what my mood I hit a few rough patches when I was in middle school and stopped taking lessons for a while but they were always there for me and when I decided t.. Read More

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Dawn Metcalf

September 22, 2019

When Jon and I moved out here we had no family or friends nearby Jon inherited a dojo and was working by himself for 70 hours a week and I worked during the day barely seeing one another and passing only for moments 6 days a week We sat down and decided that we were going to make a Community a family for ourselves a place where people could gather learn and grow with their kids to become the.. Read More

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Sensei Ricky Lees

September 21, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts has been an extremely positive place for me to grow all the way from a child to a young adult The Sensei s and the older students were positive role models as well as the good group of peers in class Growing up with Integrity as a big part of my life also taught me a lot about setting and reaching goals Each goal got progressively more difficult from the next stripe in.. Read More

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The Stelmacks

September 20, 2019

What Integrity Martial Arts means to me as the parent of a student is a family-friendly organization run by caring passionate individuals who invest a great amount of effort in my child as well as others IMA is about a lot more than training and physical activities it is a place where the students observe and learn about respect life-lessons patience and integrity These qualities do not seem.. Read More

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Leah Gates Mother of Meadow Gates

September 19, 2019

Meadow has had her ears pierced twice before Both ending badly in the end For the last three years evertime we drive by or walk in the mall I ask her You want to get your ears pierced Always expecting the same answer No Mommy Not till I m a grown up So Monday was like any other day it was late in the evening with a car full of groceries when I drove by the mall the routine started You want t.. Read More

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