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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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Colin Turkel

March 16, 2020

I ve been with IMA for seven years now and it has complexly changed my life Not only have I learned to defend myself but I have learned about self discipline respect and many other important aspects in life that make a good person Most importantly I have made an uncountable amount of friends over the years not only with the students but with the instructors IMA has unlocked my potential and .. Read More

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Alex Lavore

March 15, 2020

Integrity means discipline to me and also respect to others Integrity also means power and self control and hard work with determination I think that Integrity also means to have goals and to accomplish them with all of your heart to become the best you possible can be and that s what I think Integrity means to me .. Read More

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Owen Smith

March 14, 2020

As told to his mom I like going to Integrity Martial Arts because its so cool I like learning all the new moves and it s really special when I get a new belt It s exciting and makes me feel powerful .. Read More

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Chris Mould

March 13, 2020

I like Integrity because it helped my behavior skills and it is really fun and it teaches me a lot about defending myself .. Read More

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March 12, 2020

As you may know Hilary and I had Jack's birthday party at the studio yesterday As expected Jack had a great time But I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how impressed we were with Chris and his ability to control the kids during the course of the party As can be the case with young children there were a few boys who weren't behaving respectfully and his consistency and manner were .. Read More

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Mary Hiser District Attorney Mother of Billy

March 11, 2020

Discipline as taught by IMA is doing things when and how they should be done Billy has been exemplary in this during these last few months We have worked on a routine this school year which included in the morning making his bed getting dressed eating breakfast brushing his teeth and being ready to leave when we say it is time to go to school During the Spring Billy did all of these things d.. Read More

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Harry Kalodner

March 10, 2020

IMA has meant so much to me over the years The community here is so strong Over the time I have been here I have learned so much Being on storm team taught me a lot about leadership Since I have been a black belt I have gained more confidence To me IMA isn t just about learning self defense It has effected my life in so many ways .. Read More

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Susan Chaquete Mother of Matthew Trainor

March 09, 2020

One area Integrity Martial Arts could help my child improve in is applying the respect that he has at the dojo to home When I first started at Integrity Martial Arts I didn t think my child could stick with it long enough to achieve a black belt but now I see that he is dedicated and determined to continue to want to work toward his shodan belt The thing IMA has helped my child the most with.. Read More

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Casey Ann Coen

March 08, 2020

It has been really fun working with all of my teachers I am really looking forward to doing the next Integrity party Thank you so much everyone.. Read More

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Rachel M Dzialio

March 07, 2020

One memory that means a lot to me is winning a trophy I had gotten 4th place in the sparring division It means a lot to me because it was my first trophy I got at tournament I was so excited That day I made a goal to get a 3rd place trophy I m so excited for then next tournament .. Read More

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Alex Gutierrez

March 06, 2020

I have a ton of friends here IMA these classes are so fun All the sensei s are very nice .. Read More

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Mike Hein

March 05, 2020

Integrity Martial Arts is my home away from home For better or worse I always feel welcome here even rough black belt training at the bottom of my heart and I mean the very bottom I looked forward to being here Since I was 5 I have come to feel at home here and hope that many more children will also .. Read More

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Elizabeth Metsch

March 04, 2020

I think it means to have Integrity everyday everywhere And the studio although you are learning and under rules I still have fun .. Read More

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Janice Lepage Mother of Darien White

March 03, 2020

When my child is at home they now show respect by using his manners in daily activities and when addressing someone in authority When I first started at Integrity Martial Arts I didn t think my child could become strongly goal oriented but now he is working towards his next belt advancement with enthusiasm The thing IMA has helped my child the most with is self discipline and self esteem .. Read More

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Amanda Prose

March 02, 2020

Integrity Martial Arts means to me a lot when I get a new belt because it fells good that I accomplished one step higher to black belt The reason why I want to be a black belt is because I want to defend myself .. Read More

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Austin Portal

March 01, 2020

What I learned at Integrity martial Arts is that self defense is not all about throwing punches and kicks but its about self control respect and discipline Also Integrity Martial Arts taught me that it is more important to get out of a fight then to start one .. Read More

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Rachel Gutierrez age 5

February 29, 2020

I feel good going here .. Read More

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Alexandra Prose

February 28, 2020

A memory that s special to me is when I got my first degree jr black belt That memory is special to me because I worked really hard for a long time and it paid off Now I have set another goal to become a black belt .. Read More

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Ellen Conlin Mother of Jake Jackowski

February 27, 2020

One are Integrity Martial arts could help my child improve in is self initiation he has to be asked to do things however he does his chores very well and never complains or tries to take short cuts The thing IMA has helped my child the most with is focusing .. Read More

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Brandon Wright

February 26, 2020

I have a better understanding of what respect means I began Saturday mornings with good exercise and I m finding strength and learning skills .. Read More

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