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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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Laurel Steve Jones

August 02, 2019

We enrolled our son at Integrity Martial Arts because he was struggling with his self-control and behavior Over the past year and a half we have seen him develop a greater sense of responsibility for his actions The sparring and Chanbara lessons he has had have also helped him learn to control his temper and not be so reactive Participating in the IMAX program has helped him develop a desir.. Read More

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Amy Perreira

August 01, 2019

My daughter has been at Integrity for three years and she wouldn't go anywhere else Great school for self-confidence and encouragement for shy kids Everyone is welcomed and included and the kids are always having a good time The staff is extremely knowledgeable and always teaching something new They really want your kids to succeed at life.. Read More

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Darren Burn

July 31, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts is much more then a martial arts studio Their focus on building character confidence and respect is unique among the karate dojos I have seen The way they care for their students is also unparalleled The Sensei's put their students first both in and out of class All this has positive impacts not only on these that attend but their entire family I know it has definitely.. Read More

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Kris Apgar

July 30, 2019

Alexandros is doing a wonderful job at school and at home He received an excellent report card and is doing extremely well academically He is consistently a kind and polite boy and always shows respect We are very proud of him .. Read More

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Diane Cooke

July 29, 2019

Jill s teacher told us she is a mentor to other children in her class She also has a great attitude in school and feels everyday is the best day At home her attitude and behavior continues to improve .. Read More

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Mrs Benedix

July 28, 2019

Robert Guerrette has improved in so many areas in his life since starting at Integrity Martial Arts almost 1 1 2 years ago School behavior self-control and self-esteem has been a compete 180 Thank you Integrity Martial Arts for helping instill the behavior and outlook I ve wanted to see for my son .. Read More

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Jennifer Kormylo

July 27, 2019

At first I was concerned the kids would lose interest To my surprise they not only love the self defense lessons but are growing through the leadership program I would definitely recommend Integrity Martial Arts to adults and children alike .. Read More

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Jamie Freeto

July 26, 2019

Before we started IMA we were just looking for an activity for our 5 year old But 2 years later it is no longer just an activity it is a commitment The goal to do better everyday We as a family love IMA Awesome people great kids Most of all my son loves being a part of IMA he has grown so much from a shy little boy to a confident young boy who wants to be a sensei just like Sensei Chris Sens.. Read More

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John Tait

July 25, 2019

Before we started at Integrity Martial Arts we had a shy reserved little boy After almost 4 years of working with this school we have watched him grow with confidence and self-esteem We are proud to be a part of the IMA family .. Read More

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Kelly Kennerson

July 24, 2019

When we finally decided to sign out son up for karate at Integrity Martial Arts we were interested to see how our unfocused shy boy would do He has been at the school for about two years now and we are amazed at what our son has accomplished He is focused respectful most of the time confident and outgoing The IMA family is compassionate understanding and knowledgeable We are proud to be part.. Read More

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Parents of Sarah Michael

July 23, 2019

One of our first concerns with joining martial arts was cost We also wondered whether Sarah would be able to stay focused and disciplined enough to advance through the belts What surprised us was the amazing staff that were able to motivate Sarah and work with her where she needed help What has pleased us the most is the commitment Sarah shows and the improvement in her balance concentration.. Read More

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The OConnors

July 22, 2019

Ireland Struggled in school with reading She was not confident in herself After starting at IMA we could see an almost immediate difference in her Her teacher commented on her confidence level and her reading level skyrocketed .. Read More

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The Stoughton Family

July 21, 2019

Emily had the opportunity to help daddy help a father and his little daughter at the hospital She thought of the sick little girl and brought her a stuffed friend Aidan has become more confident and we've watched his ability to soar while having so much fun Aidan enjoys Integrity as much or more then ever .. Read More

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Iona Stanescu mother of Andrei

July 20, 2019

only by the exceptional quality of the learning but the content of the lessons which combine self defense with lessons for life The training with you helped Andre to grow from a shy insecure boy to a confident boy who likes to take responsibilities and is not afraid of challenges I would recommend you to any family with young children No matter how good the child you always have something of.. Read More

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Heather Wagner

July 19, 2019

Delilah was playing with several friends at school this week One friend began to whisper about another to Delilah She put up her hand and said I don t want to hurt anyone s feelings and walked away Her friends now know she wants to be respectful of everyone .. Read More

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Charlie and John Pilkington

July 17, 2019

Mason was given a friendship award Everyone of his classmates at the Parkman Elementary school voted him as being the most responsible and friendliest person in all of the 3rd grades We are very proud of him .. Read More

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Cheryl Lindquist

July 16, 2019

Vincent achieved high honors on his report card for the first time .. Read More

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Janet Mantis

July 15, 2019

Justin did a amazing thing for his brother When they went to bed something happened to Joseph We were downstairs watching TV when Justin came to us and sais Joseph was bleeding so we ran upstairs to find Joseph in the bathroom with a bloody nose He also tried to help us clean up after him We were glad Justin told us because Joseph just went to the bathroom without telling us He has shown a g.. Read More

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Christine Carlson

July 14, 2019

Ryan recently received his report card and is doing excellent in school He has gotten perfect scores on all of his spelling tests except one where he got one wrong I am very proud of Ryan for his good behavior in school and a great report card .. Read More

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Jennifer Wilcox

July 13, 2019

One day while taking a drive Anna spotted a poor woman and bought her a Dunkin Donuts breakfast .. Read More

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