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“At first I didn’t understand how Martial arts could teach my kids respect, confidence, integrity and discipline. But the results are
undeniable!” From a satisfied parent of one of our Students- Integrity Martial Arts

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Suzanna Hubbard

January 17, 2019

The last 2 weeks Anthony has been so helpful Without anyone telling him he has kept the living room and dining room spotless even making sure the table is wiped down He has kept his room clean the fish fed made sure the trash was taken out He has been trying so hard to please his sister giving her space and not fighting He has even been making up my bed when I am at work Since receiving his .. Read More

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Erin Baumgart

January 16, 2019

One of Emma s goals this Summer was to learn to swim The same day she made the goal she swam without her floaties for the 1st time overcoming her fear from when she almost drowned 2 years ago She jumped in swam forward and backward tread water and even do tricks She started slow but didn t give up She kept trying until she could swim across the pool .. Read More

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Wendy McCloud

January 15, 2019

Ryan s great uncle recently died At the wake there were hundreds of people lined up to pay their respects The line spread around the building on a very hot and sunny day Ryan passed out cups of water 2 by 2 to anyone in the line who was in need He continued until everyone was satisfied Many told us what Ryan did was invaluable There were many elders in line who could not have stayed without .. Read More

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Misty Halmers

January 14, 2019

Matthew received a gift card for his birthday After picking out his toy he gave the rest of the gift card balance to his sister so she also could pick out a toy .. Read More

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Linda Chrzanowski

January 13, 2019

Ellie was doing a project on the kitchen counter near two drinking glasses I warned her to watch out for them A few minutes later she knocked one to the floor and it broke I said you have to pay for a new one Shortly she approached me with money in her hand to pay for the glass This the first time Ellie owned her actions without excuse or complaint and followed through independently with the.. Read More

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Heidi Stoddard-Norwood

January 12, 2019

Max took care of his dog Lily while she was sick He gave extra pets and cuddles to make her feel better .. Read More

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Nataly Santana

January 11, 2019

Jalyn has done a great job of helping mom and dad around the house She is doing things without complaining Cassie has done a good job at doing her chores after being told what to do just once .. Read More

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Carolyn Agresta

January 10, 2019

Michael was eating lunch at Panera s and found a pair of glasses on the counter He ran to catch the owner and gave them to her .. Read More

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Jamie Davis

January 09, 2019

Ari decided to list chores that needed to be done and did them beautifully all by herself.. Read More

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Allen Zhou

January 08, 2019

Felix is doing a much better job with time management this school year Felix gets up promptly in the morning and finishes his breakfast fast He has time now for violin practice in the morning He prioritizes his tasks homework and reading before play Felix organizes his schoolwork and backpack the night before so he doesn t have to scramble in the morning .. Read More

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Kris Apgar

January 07, 2019

Beth has been practicing good bedtime habits for the last month Previously she was refusing to brush her teeth arguing about when to go to bed and making it very difficult and unpleasant for all of us We developed a check list together and now she follows it and gets to bed on time and gets enough rest .. Read More

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Tom Burnham

January 06, 2019

At Jacob s last teacher meeting they complimented him on how respectful and polite he has been He has even earned lunch with the teacher twice already this school year .. Read More

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Jessica Ladue

January 05, 2019

R J has shown great improvement in many areas at home as well as at school His struggles do not stop him from trying even harder in these areas At home he has helped me and is a kinder person At school he is becoming more comfortable and doing great in the areas of homework and school work .. Read More

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Nataly Santana

January 04, 2019

Cassie has been a great helper at the grocery store She put groceries in the cart as well as helping bag them She has been doing fantastic in school She received all A s on her tests And she has also improved on following directions at home Jaylyn has been a great helper at home as well as in school She has been doing very well with her chores She has also been a helper to her great grandma .. Read More

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Kelly G

January 03, 2019

Caeden started kindergarten in September and made a lot of new friends At lunch he saw a friend who was sitting by themselves He decided it would be a good idea to sit with him so he wouldn t be alone He found out that the student has autism and has made a plan to sit and communicate with him daily .. Read More

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Eva Marie Rodriguez

January 02, 2019

What I have learned from Integrity Martial Arts is confidence focus and integrity I have learned confidence because I was very shy and I didn t say a word Now as an orange belt I have shown progress by answering the Sensei s questions and being as strong as I can on my kaia s I ve shown focus by looking at my Sensei and not looking anywhere else I focused like that on my teacher at school an.. Read More

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Marc Cox

January 01, 2019

I started at Integrity when I was in third grade I was nice to people but I could not be the center of any spot light My parents were worried about me because the spot light destroyed me I began karate because I had a friend going with me so we could both do something in common When we were green belts my friend lost interest and quit I continued in the end because I knew there was a differe.. Read More

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Amy Stone

December 31, 2018

After apple picking Nick helped carry the heavy bags of apples to the car and then helped with the groceries after that He also held the doors open .. Read More

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Ashley Huard

December 30, 2018

Anthony was honest and owned up to breaking something by accident He said that he understands that you just can t buy things and that you have to take care of your things He offered to do chores to earn money to give his Dad to fix what was broken Very mature response from him .. Read More

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Stacey Murkette

December 29, 2018

Throughout the process of packing moving and delays in our home purchase Alexa has helped with everything She has watched her sister and helped pack and move She kept a great attitude being displaced from our home even when Mom is stressed .. Read More

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