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Sensei Ricky Lees

September 21, 2019

Integrity Martial Arts has been an extremely positive place for me to grow all the way from a child to a young adult The Sensei s and the older students were positive role models as well as the good group of peers in class Growing up with Integrity as a big part of my life also taught me a lot about setting and reaching goals Each goal got progressively more difficult from the next stripe in power play class to black belt Even after black belt the next degree is still a goal of mine I ve realized that the learning never ends Being a member of the leadership program has taken my experience to a different level at IMA I joined the leadership team as soon as I was eligible and it was incredibly fun from the start I ve learned skills that I will draw on for all of my life and being in leadership interested me in and gave me an opportunity to become an instructor Since first assisting in classes and being called Sensei I ve grown a lot as an instructor and teacher and being able to help kids to grow has been extremely fulfilling The thought that I ve gotten the opportunity to help others develop respect discipline self control and integrity is extremely gratifying As a young person with many years ahead of me Integrity Martial Arts has given me an amazing place to grow from and I will be able to use the things it has taught me throughout my adult life

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