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Sensei Jose Castro

February 21, 2020

Trying to write about what Integrity means to me is possibly one of the hardest easy things I have to do There s no lack of profound surprising and completely true things that IMA has changed in Jose Saying that Integrity shaped everything about me would not be fair to the various other people and experiences that have had the same influence but it has been the most positive caring and consistent I ve never been afraid to come to the dojo I sometimes want to leave but that s the exception to the rule as many of Integrity s regulars know Integrity has been my home since it opened many times even more than my actual home While her at the dojo the community is my family It s never been more than a dojo s walk to find a father a needling uncle an annoying yet appreciated mother or the kid I wish to have some day Walking in everyday to this environment is exactly what I want from my life because I believe that there isn t one person that wouldn t benefit from and appreciate what Integrity teaches everyday But anyway I m rambling What has Integrity meant to me Everything My best friends my fondest memories my greatest accomplishments usually preceded by what I took to be my greatest failures my proudest moments and simple everyday life have all been here with my family in my home

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