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Mary Hiser District Attorney Mother of Billy

March 11, 2020

Discipline as taught by IMA is doing things when and how they should be done Billy has been exemplary in this during these last few months We have worked on a routine this school year which included in the morning making his bed getting dressed eating breakfast brushing his teeth and being ready to leave when we say it is time to go to school During the Spring Billy did all of these things daily without being told twice Usually he did them on his own without even being told once Additionally we got a puppy in April and Billy has taken on the responsibility of letting her out and then getting her in the kennel before we leave for school work He has been extremely helpful in getting his brothers to get moving in the morning as well After school Billy does his homework and plays with his brothers He is a big help to both of us in getting everyone to their afterschool activities Between baseball and karate Billy is constantly busy after school and on weekends He does not complain but does what he needs to in order to get to his activity At the end of the day Billy helps with getting himself and the boys ready for bed Respect treating others the way they want to be treated as taught by IMA Each day Billy continues to impress us with the help he gives us and the patience he has with his younger brothers He treats his parents with respect which is not typical of children his age going through adolescence He really understands that we work hard to provide for them and at the same time make time to play with them attend their sporting events and school events Being an older brother is also very demanding as his brothers always want him to play with them or help them Although he may want to be doing something else Billy always helps Christopher and Joseph and he plays with them even if it is a game he does not wish to play or is too old to play He is always expected to do more then his brothers because he is older then them Billy accepts this responsibility wonderfully Although a lot of who a child is comes from their family and upbringing I can honestly say that being involved at Integrity Martial Arts adds Billy s all around personality and behavior

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