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From Nick Ferris age 13 STORM Team Member

February 14, 2020

I get many things our of the youth leadership team First of all I boosted my confidence so now I find it easier to speak in front of a large group of people It is also easier for me to make new friends Another thing the youth leadership team has given to me is how to be a leader because now if I m doing an assigned project with a group in school then I volunteer to be the leader right away I used to wait for a leader to emerge and then follow my orders quickly and sufficiently A third thing I get from the leadership program is a more advanced learning of not just respect self-control and discipline but the rest of the 6 principles too The youth leadership program has helped me in my life in so many ways I just couldn t believe that to be possible before I joined the program All-in-all the youth leadership program is one of the best things in my life

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