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Barbara Savage Mother of Nathan Brandon Jessica

June 17, 2020

On Thursday I was given Nathan s Karate report card to fill out We were going to be there another hour for Brandon s class so I decided to fill it out then After I finished I had Nathan give it to Sensei Buck who in turn had Nathan pick out a stuffed animal Nathan really didn t want it but proceeded to take it and give it to his younger sister Jessica She was so thrilled and carried it around for days I told Sensei Buck what Nathan had done as well as how Nathan had helped Jessica that way with her school work while I was helping Brandon We home school and I can only work alone with one child at a time Sensei Buck asked me to write this down and he would give Nathan a star so I did Nathan didn t know what I was doing and when I finished I told Nathan to give Sensei Buck the letter Sensei Buck read the letter and proceeded to have Nathan go with him into the beginners classroom which was filled with the children s parents as well and told them why Nathan was getting this special star I watched from outside and almost cried Nathan was so proud that someone noticed him doing something positive He told me that a star was better than any stripe or belt Since this occurred I have seen such a difference in Nathan s attitude He is much more helpful around the house and the other two are starting to follow his example I always tell them that we have to work as a team if they want to be home schooled I can t do everything by myself and they need to pull their weight and they have all really been helpful this weekend I usually have to ask three times for anyone to do something and they are doing it the first time I hope this continues it would surely give me more time to spend with them instead of doing housework Thank you again Sensei Buck and all the Sensei s at Integrity Martial Arts We ve been coming for almost three years now and I feel that your program and caring attitudes have made a difference in my children s attitudes

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