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April L DesRosiers and family

July 23, 2020

I want to thank you for all the things you have done or me and my family I have been in martial arts before ad I tried to enroll my children in other martial arts facilities only to have them say they disliked it I found that most of the places we went to just were not children oriented and ran their studios like military school very strict Children like to have fun and you understand that at Integrity Martial Arts You give then not only a learning environment but one that is more susceptible to them developing new skills because you and the staff make it fun for them You use fun games and interesting activities that keep their minds awake and able to absorb things they don t even realize they are absorbing My oldest son has learned through your dojo not only how to control his temper but how to solve problems or conflict in other ways that don t resort to violence He has become more responsible and has learned to respect us as his parents and realize when he is in the wrong As for myself I love how you run the scholarship program for us parents who could use a little help especially when you have a big family and tight budget I know from my own experience with you and the staff that you are not in it for the all mighty dollar that you really care how we are doing and you are always looking to help us out in anyway that you can-that s very hard to come by these days As an adult taking classes at Integrity I find no matter what your physical capabilities are you help students gear there training towards what they can do at the time and before you know it your able to step it up a bit more and accomplish physical feats you didn t think you could You have also helped me to deal with stress in my everyday life not only by creating an outlet at the dojo for me to escape the stress but by incorporating relaxation techniques into your classes to help me handle my stress better I just wanted to thank you not only for being a great sensei and having a wonderful staff but for making us part of a loving supportive family Don t ever loose what you have because I have not found anyone or any business that is run with as much heart as yours

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