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Alexandra Prose

February 05, 2020

One of the many things I want to get out of Black-Belt training is to be more dedicated I really feel like my last test helped me improve on this and now I really want to improve it even more this time I can continue to improve by using my Black-Belt Training as a very important factor towards getting my level of dedication towards what I really want higher Anyone that is not dedicated enough and really doesn t want their Black-Belt enough is probably going to drop out of the test because there s not enough time or because it s too hard If you really want that belt the fact that your thighs are burning or that you re so tired you swear the room is spinning won t matter It all depends on the thing that s driving you and how badly you want it The night I got my Black-Belt felt great I really want to sort of relive that night only with me wearing my 2nd degree and with some different people I would also prefer not being sick I really think Black-Belt Training will help me become more dedicated This is only one of the things I want to get out of training

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